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footage of sicknote at the great wreck n roll circus… with commentary from Doghouse

yes its here…. my new song, featuring Gary Vaynerchuk, with awesome vid by Clubfoot TV. its a song to belt out at full volume at all those people who are doing shit they hate! CRANK IT UP!!!!

We been playing about in the Lab over the last few days…and we kept listening to Gary Jules’ version of the Tear For Fears 80’s classic, Mad World.What a fucking tune… We have decided to put out a Sicknote cover version of this tune as it seems to be striking a chord with us so much. Look out for a FREE download coming in the next week or so, the only way you can get this is by subscribing to…

heres tommys remix and video for my tune All Together:

who gives a fuck!? one thing for sure, Sicknote are a bunch of pikeys… and here is the newest track ‘Pikey Drum n Bass’ (live) put together excellently with a Fan Video…. love it..thanks, Jacob!!!!!!

Music grabbed me around this time… in a way it never had before…. This is DJ Hype, (would you fucking believe!?1?1?1?) known then as THE SCIENTIST with a track called ‘My First Memory’, that helped me get into acid house and change the course of my entire fucking life… made a massive impression on me in my early teens… and is, it seems to be, fairly unknown…I still have it on vinyl here, bought it in what about 1990 was…

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