so the london trip was upon us, and all i could think of was the horrendous journey that we faced to london in the sickmobile…
We arrived fairly smoothly at Rhythm Factory, settled in and P&O was pinning up his new sheet to a wall for his visuals.. when he fell from the top of a 10 ft ladder SMAAAAACK! onto the floor, looked dead for a few minutes but thankfully got up as his gob pissed blood all over the place, and then started to call us all cunts for not helping him with his sheet.

2 hours of sludgy boring dubstep, and some wonky odd dance moves from some dodgy looking fuckers.. and we entered stage left.

Everything was right. The sound was bang on. Dave our London connection was on the desk and bang, off it went… and people were throwing themsleves around in a pretty retarded fashion… camera snapped away, mainly catching the Dr’s ‘Uncle Fester on Crack’-like bouncing and head grabbing… Then Luke an old frien of the Doghouse got up on stage for the very first time and stripped off, swinging off the light truss and waving his maggot far too close to my face for comfort… The show rolled on and the place went mad, finishing with a thunderous rendition of TAXI! Luke collapsed in a pile at the end with his bumhole facing the audience… we left, he stayed and the crowd started throwing stuff at his arse.. pints, glasses, balloons and other shit…

What a fucking gig…
Filthy then got fucking aggressive trying to round us all up as he had work at 9… we finally fucked off.. and after SIX hours of FREEZING cold, diversion after diversion, gimps talking shit and nearly killing Luke for his 29 piss stops and moaning at Dickie… got home at 7AM. thinking Sleep sleeep sleeeeeeeeep


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