so we were all set to go for our first gig of 2011, i had two belting new loops loaded up and couldn’t wait to drop ’em tonight.. it was Dr Wrong’s lady’s birthday… and things get very messy when he’s in control of things!!

i had sorted a lift for Rev and Flake which had fallen through last minute, but no-one bothered to tell me. So after finding out literally a couple of hours before we left, La Joie showed massive generosity and offered me the car to take the lovely fuckers to the gig as it would be the last gig before The Rev goes in for his big op.

There was a spare seat as La Joie was still recovering from last week’s lurgy…

So we were flying up the M5 tunes pumping, Sat Nav nagging, Phil mumbling, Flake apologising and Katya scaring the shit out me at random intervals cackling at 4000db.

The venue was a pub in the middle of a scabby looking trading estate. The first room was an old school pub with open fire and old men drinking smelly ale. There was a stage in the garden with heaters and a pumping system, a gaggle of crusties swiggin cider, Dr Wrong’s massive demented grin poked me in the eye and Graham Sugarlump hugged me while bopping behind the deck’s.

Mrs Megan Wrong - Birthday Girl

Wicked people, wicked set up. Gayface was there with his crew and threw me a beer. Safe!

After a while i wandered round and found Shuddervision Soundsystem had a room upstairs..  with main man Digits McPhee dropping some seriously fat tunes i let the bass warm me up in that room for a while. I met a load of Spartacus’ Sikh bodybuilding guido-friends, and we named them ‘Sikhnote’. Nice blokes, bit mental.

Live music from Headgames and Stiff joints got people bopping and wicked DJ Graham Sugarlump kept it jumping inbetween.
I necked loadsa cococola as the caffiene keeps me awake and after about 3 pints i’m buzzin n twitchin’ like a chubby Wilco Jonhson as we take to the stage…

we smash the fuck out of it, ‘benefit cheat’ – nailed it for the 1st time, and the two new ones souding fecking FAT… especially ‘Righteous’ probably my fave Sicknote tune now…
think The Rev captured it on video.. but he’s in for the op now, so we might not see that 1 for a while.

The crowd bounce like fuck and a spannered Kat wanders on to stage with a pint spilling all over the place looking like a lost baby t-rex. she comes over to me with the sad pouty face and beers flying all over me laptop, completely oblivious where she is………. “FUCK OFF!” i scream in her face…..
she trots off and dances directly in front of Doghouse so no one in the crowd can see him, least of all the guy with the HD camera!!! then she hits the deck.
Four times she kisses the deck and get’s back up, i grab a sweaty Spartacus-in-a-dress and tell him if he calls himself Sickurity then get her off the fucking stage.
Done my box in. BANNED, lionel last week, Kat this week.

The place went nuts, and we played an encore of 3 tunes.
Philo Deranged screamed PIKEY at me and so we finished with Pikey Drum n Bass which seemed apt….

I got off stage, went to the car and some cunt had put the window through and nicked my ipod shuffle, Kat’s sat nav and jill’s monster munch. fucking gutted. the back passenger window was completely shattered. cunts. i was fucking fuming…

Dickie Balb helped me patch up the window. Katya had lostALL of her stuff and was now missing. Gayface had sent word she was safe with him. We fucked off home, with Flakey’s ipod plugged in treating us to some lovely wobbly bassed tunes, just the way she likes it. My anger disolved in the comfort that some fucker was dancing to my tunes on my ipod out there, and so what, a piece of glass, worse things have happened….. i Popped in theirs for a cuppa about 5 or 6am, then went to sort da window, got to bed in the afternoon….

Mission Accomplished. Slept like a dog.

It’s tuesday now, Kat got back safe, Dickie fucked off without the boys again, and Filth is home, but i think Doghouse and Johnny are stil up there loving the attention and getting trollied. ahah. I’ll wait for the call in a few days when they’re all depressed and skint. ahahahahaaaaa


next up>>>>>
SMASH THE EDO massive gig in BRIGHTON>>
21st January
info to follow

ooooh, just had a message off Phil, he’s waiting for a hospital bed, they gunna phone him, keeping him hanging there and stressed bunch of shit… in the meantime he uploaded the first play of ‘righteous’.. not the best sound.. but gives you an idea where we goin with this one:

the first ever sicknote gig
The Failed Radio Show, a Remix Contest and the Zulu Dance




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