so we headed off to Hereford to celebrate the birthday s of Russell , Bagrat, Flakey and Me……

on the journey in the Sickmobile we could see The Plough, consellation…. fixed bright as fuck in front of the van just above the horizon surrounded by a real deep purple sky and the window was open and we sped towards our party, smoking cigarettes and chatting……….. wheres orion belt said someone, what about Jeff Goldbulms cock remarked the Filth…….. JOhnny No-Cash (P&O) announced that he had proposed to his misses, Ady HD, the 1st sicknote wedding…………………! plans for a full on debauched stag do in amsterdam are already underway… 😉

we arrived at the venue and were greeted by some friendly folk and a room full of alcohol. we quickly soundchecked and the rest of the band headed down to a local pub , i chilled back with Dick Balboa and sucked on a few beers…. and set up the merch stall.

40 mins later and the posse turned up, 2 cars of lovely Cardiff folk, we all hugged and wish each other happy bdays….
just then Filthy and Johnny return from the pub and look fucking SMASHED…. filthy looks more twatted than i have ever seen him, with his eyes sunk in the back of his head and keeps trying to hug me… and Johnny passes out in a near by corner…
Fuck me… we are on stage in 45 minutes and these two are no use… just at this point im thinking i hope to fuck Doghouse aint in the same shape….. and Conker walks in – well, he is immune… always looks the same – regardless of his chemical intake, and often his performance on stage is enhanced by extreme narcotic consumption.

Doghouse shows up and looks fucking ON FORM!!!! thank FUCK for that!!! a little smashed, but no where near in the shape of the other 2!! they seem to come around a bit as we hit the stage and we spend the next hour smashing the shit out the soundsystem and people bounce like fuckery….

i push the levels to max., the huge rumbling bass looping from BURDEN, through the system……. vibrates my rib cage and i close my eyes and let it massage me all over….soon after i drop JUST BUSINESS in, with .Doghouse leans over and pokes me with his spiney finger , i open my eyes and he;s shruggin his shoulders and looking blank…….. BURDEN i shout, BURDEN!!!!! he often needs reminding what song we are doing even though we been playing that for over a year now…. i prefer it when i drop him in it and just answer him with NEW ONE!!!!!! hahaha… but not this time………..
Then Filths head pop round from behind the monitor….. what this????? JUST BUSINESS YA BELLEND i shout…..
ths places bounces into tthe night….
i devour the rider…
love ly sicknote tribe are gathering in the carpark after and trying to get us to stay over… but Dickie Balboa is ready to go…. and is taking no shit…. i get lobbed in the van with a few other randoms and hang out of the window most of the way home chukcing up my rider on the hardshoulder…..
i get home, have a muffin and get into bed at 6am,
wake up and its time for the 1st meeting with the CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see next post…

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