Unofficial fan review of GIG. (planet steve)

much laid back location and everyone is not only friendly they all say they are related. Really good sense of humor and can drink till sunrise.
The sign in the blokes cubicle states that if more than one person is seen in it, it will be presumed they are having GAY sex. AS they wouldn’t be doing drugs and drugs are not allowed in the pub. A bucket of water will be thrown over them.
The smoking garden had to seen to be believed (back garden sauna needs some work), be better when he gets some water and coals.
Gig was a good laugh and by my count had at least 70% of the pub attempting some form of dancing.
The CRISP munching many all decided that instead of just watching the outsides jump round like chickens, they would show us how it is done, round these parts. Totally bonkers laugh on the dance floor all gig. Young Raves, Goths, Punks and Pensioners all moving there bits to sicknote.
Even caught a few of them old men brigade tapping the feet near the bar. Nowt short of a nuclear attack was gonna make up stand up and give them seats up.
After gig, the locals informed me of a party that was happening in an ambulance parked just over the road. I smiled more than a little as that was my van. We invited two friends (sorry sisters) over for a drink. It turned into a mini party and it got moved to a local’s house.
Picked up the sambuka and cider , party , party. Drink until sunrise.
When dressed in a PINK DBE t-shirt and being pissed out of mind, I didn’t noticed the way to the house party from the pub, coz I was chatting.
Left the house party around 7:00am, headed off back to the VAN. Went the wrong way on the main road and walked about a mile in the wrong direction. DOW!
It was a nice morning and a few road cleaners were out and about, they set me straight and back I walked in the right direction. Not one MacDonald’s to be seen, was great. I managed to stave out my unnatural urges for a breakfast macmuffin. Due to the fact that I couldn’t find a Mac’s to buy one in.
I asked the road crew if they had seen a MacDonald’s anywhere, They laughed and recognized the pink sicknote t-shirt, they remembered talking to me in the house party earlier that nite. Said you walked the wrong way. So pink sicknote t-shirts : can be used to get directions! fact!
This village and the gig was a total blast!
top one nice one, got sorted! No fires were lit over the course of the whole event!

shit myself have you?
NINJAH has a tantrum...


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