we played robin’s house party in west wales with the mighty FUOD.

The set up was amazing, and the party was demented.

Everyone was off their tits, but i had to stay sober to drive everyone home.

Then some one died.

In the party at 9am, some one died.

It was fucking dark.

Since then we have played a few gigs, and we have come to realise that our live show seems to work – despite the fact that we have never talked about it, organised it, practised it or come to think of it – even thought about it!

Sicknote just works live. Fuck knows why.

We have come to realise however that our recordings are shit.

Omegaa66 and Staedler and Waldorf have been receiving interest out of Cardiff and we have had fuck all.

This is because we have not captured sicknote in a recording yet.

Live, we are shit hot. On CD we are shyte. I MEAN FUCKING SHEEEEEEEEEEYTE.

So, we need to get in a studio.

Also, some good photo’s of the band as a whole are needed.

Phil Dread has offered his services, and has made way with his misses Jill, in getting access to the derelict Cardiff Royal Infirmiry. Which should make a great back drop for a Sicknote photo shoot.

Anyways, there’s lots to tell… but maybe we’ll start from here and forget what has been!?

So, i will talk about music i love and hate. films i love and hate. the trials and tribulations of sicknote. TANTRUM and the journey from the brink of Bankrupcy to the most respected label and club night in the land. Omerta, and the quest of putting cardiff on the map!

Let me know what you think.

The Writings of Manky Pasty: Coal Exchange Farewell Party 15/09/2007
The Writings of Manky Pasty: Coal Exchange Farewell Party 15/09/2007


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