So the long haul to Manchester started about 2pm, Sicknote had taken an expenses only gig as a way of getting our collective foot into the city…

Everyone looked worse for wear after Glo Bar’s fun but disastrous night.

Dickie Balboa was losing the plot trying to round up the band, and being fucked about by them sending him all over the shop and making him wait… and it took 3 hours to get out of Cardiff and then we still had to go to Blackwood to pick up popstar, Doghouse.

Conker excitedly squeeled, after downing 8 packs of Wotsits in a row, that the crowd in Glo had been chanting ‘Conker is God’ between songs, which none of the rest of us noticed, he then continued….
“It took me 8 years to realise i was God, but they noticed straight away”…
which led us to a new nick name for the good Dr, and a very apt one indeed:


After what seemed like an eternity in the back of the van, with every thing on the motorway overtaking us, i even think i saw a sheep walk past us at one point, we finally arrived there…
Jilly’s Rockworld Manchester….
excited about our Mank Debut, but fucked from the night before…

We fought our way through the mohawks and dreadlocks and got in the crumbling venue, i spotted the organiser, i recognised from Myspace and went to speak to him, apologising for running a bit late.. i was offered a cold whimper and was told we’d have to do with a line check…

We were then ignored til 1am.
We then scrambled all out shit together on stage and kicked off to the Laptop barely audible… i signaled to the sound man to whack it up and he gave me the thumbs up to signal that it was fine… i couldn’t hear a fucking thing and the soundman chose to ignore me from then on in…

It was shit.
4 songs in and the crowd was getting nearer…. but it just weren’t banging enough… then dopey sound man mixed in some Drum n Bass LOUD AS FUCK after song 4 and we were jut left stood there.

I looked over shrugging my shoulders and he turned it down, crowd looking puzzled, and band even more so… then the organiser cam over signaling it was to be our last song! then we kicked in with ‘Sermon on the Mount’ which had absoluteley no bass in the mix whatsoever, embarrassed and angry i shut the laptop, punched someone’s pint off a table and packed my shit up.

I approached the organiser, and kept it polite… said thanks for having us… he said i spose you want some money, i said expenses as agreed would be fine… he sed all i can do is 30.
There were over 500 peopl in the venue at 7 quid a head. i sed our petrol was 70. he sed ill give you 50, shuved it in my hand and walked off.

We left, miffed and absolutlely fucked off that we had been ripped off by a fucking hippy who had absolutely no respect for us. Fuck playing for that Collective again.


Little did he know, we were goin to offer them a free venue we scored for future parties in Manchester and i had plans on connecting Gash up with Tantrum in Cardiff and joining up the scenes to kick something new and exciting off… instead he chose to rip us off… for the sake of £20, we would have covered our juice and all would have been fine….
I am happy to have found out how he operated before we moved forward with any possible collaborations or anything… and i am happy to never work with some one like that.

I will be back in Manchester and Sicknote will fucking SLAM it, and that fucker will be sorry he treated us like he did. OF THAT I AM SURE.


the most popular Tantrum tracks last week:
some freebies i rounded up that i love...




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