so we got to BAR YK (yellow kangaroo) at 7pm. me and doghouse went to meet Dom, and he advised us on our sound and offered some options on ways to make it better.. and some good stuff came from it.. then the rest of the band turned up, and dickie and russell.

i paid for a few rounds out of the money we made on the weekend,. then as everyone was expecting to be paid, i told them id spent the cash on a bit of kit for the studio, which upset everyone.. and they all had a go at me.. but fuck it.. everyone was crying.. but we need it, as we have no way of recording doghouse.. but now,,, we can.


P&O informed us that Runo had been suspended from work for kissing an inmate, Filth has been dumped… We paid Dickie the £15 that was left and Doghouse started ranting at P&O about how shit he is and then i went out for a fag, and thought FUCK THIS, and walked home.

So, next up, get Dom over to Filth’s studio and set up new onstage set up and test it out!!! Should solve all monitoring problems.


for fuck sake.
Do What You Love! featuring Gary Vaynerchuk




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