So, for a long time I have been bitter about people taking and not giving back.
After years of giving to loads of bands and acts and supporting the scene in Cardiff and beyond I reached a point a year or two ago where I got fed up of people taking and never ever giving back.

This stalled the entire operation at Tantrum, while I grew bitter and everything grinded to a halt.

But, thanks to some very close friends I had a massive awakening just a few days ago.

I now understand, that in giving we receive from different angles and in different ways. To expect people to repay favours is a silly game and is all completely wrong. The bitterness has lifted, and i am ready to give 100 times more than i ever have, and to truly create something amazing for everyone to enjoy and rejoice in. We will attract great things, that will add up to make the entire thing a massive movement of creativity and celebration. It’s as simple as that.

So I am trusting myself, and trusting the universe, as we embark on a year of giving as much as we possibly can to and within the things we love.

If you wanna get involved then drop us a line:

Let the big one begin. Let’s fucking have it. We are back.

Happy New Year.


Hello Party Heads
Club Neurotica 2010 / 2011 NYE


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