In a move not seen in them music industry before now, Welsh anarchic psychic-techno punksters, Sicknote have decided to auction off one of their band members on Ebay.

“Tough times have forced us to sell our dancer on Ebay in order to sustain the band”, said Sicknote mouse-fiddler, Johan.

Here is the Ebay post description:

‘We are selling Dr Conker!
that’s right, Sicknote’s infamous dancer is up for grabs….
The winning bidder will get to keep the doctor for 24 hours and he will be delivered FREE of charge to your doorstep in the Sickmobile, chauffered by the one and only Dickie Balboa….

The lucky winner can the ‘use’ the good doctor in anyway you see fit. eg. Cleaning, Sex, Spiritual Guidance, Councelling, Drug Partners or indeed he will dance.. for you, or maybe he could dance in your band or you could send him as a gift to a loved one… or indeed one of your enemies with instructions on what he should do upon arrival. Anyway the options are endless…. The dr will do ANYTHING for the 24 hours that you own him. NO RESERVE get bidding.

details of date and location an be sorted after the auction…

bidders outside the UK must cover flight costs. Thanks…’

“If there are any drugs involved, I would like to make absolutely clear that YOU have to supply them. If it’s sex your thinking, then being a gay man, i can only turn straight for you if the winning bid is over £1000.”, said Dr Conker.

The move comes after the band offered their entire catalogue for free on the internet, and through organising lots of it’s own FREE parties and not generating any real income – trying to offer the punter no barriers in accessing their rather peculiar world.
The buzz has grown due to the extent of free stuff the band have been offering to their tribe and everyday there seems to be hundreds more Sicknote converts. The epidemic is truly spreading.

Have you got the bug yet?

place your bids HERE NOW…..
auction ends 25th June 2009.

Join the Sicknote tribe here.

The End of the World...




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