so, with my ex cutting all ties with me, my flat getting robbed while i was on holiday and my friend sending me to court after not paying what he’d promise to pay for me while i was on holiday… coupled with me being completley Skint – and all my creditors pressuring me for money… and being busy as fuck with launching the Sub Clubs, promoting new Sicknote album and stopping Sicknote falling apart (after some fights in the band)…. Since i have been home from Portugal i feel like things are ON TOP more than ever!!!!!

I hid away last weekend. and closed the curtains.. and locked the door and thought it all through….

I have decided to kick my flat mates out of Tantrum Towers.

I plan convert the bigger room into my new Studio…..
my good mate Strange Town has built me a stand alone Hackintosh with all required software. I am going to paint the room and have this room dedicated to making music and doing all my related work.

I am going to move my bed into the tiny room as it has double glazing and curtains and i think i will solve my insomnia if i sleep in a quieter, darker room….

Then the massive room which is currently my bedroom – i think i will offer up as a bedsit to someone. Or maybe convert into a living room if Sicknote or Sub can start paying me some income like NOW!!!!!!
thats the living thing sorted…

As for the creditors, well, i started to phone around- and tell them to make a new arrangement with me OR just take me to court….
unbelievably HSBC(unts) lowered my Personal Loan APR from 18.9% to 1.5% and are discussing a new payment plan with me.. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! most of the other creditors have WAIVED my interested and taken small monthly payments. Citibank credit card was on a brilliant APR of 5.9% but after missing 3 payments i have lost my lower APR and need to phone them next week to see if i can do some thing with it… so it looking like the pressure is coming off….
the debt is teetering at 20k and they can all fuck off!!!

The plan then is to work FULL TIME on my stuff……….
Half of the week will be dedicated to launching SUB Clubs around the UK and organising Tantrum related gigs and releases.

The other half will be mastering the studio with Doghouse, and churning out music which is forward thinking, honest, twisted and like nothing you or i have ever heard before…………

Expect Sicknote to take you to places you never knew existed.


Just getting ready now, for tonights headline performance at The Queen’s Hall in Narberth….

Sicknote’s spiritual guide, Dr Conker, has just phoned me…..
he declared that ‘the spell has been broken!!!!!!!!!’…..

See you there folks


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