“Something freaky is festering in the back streets of Cardiff, something strange that has not yet been classified by science or the NME. The world at large has yet to hear about it, but those that frequent the underworld are aware that it is growing at a pace that will make it unstoppable once it breaks out. Like a hospital super bug it is highly contagious and those that have been in contact with it have been sent into uncontrollable bouts of dancing and been compelled to phone in sick the next day, but because of the originality of it no one knows quite how to deal with it.Yep, pretty original, but somehow we have to give it some sort of label so you know what we are talking about. “ A fantastically ugly racket influenced by The Fall, Captain Beefheart and LCD Soundsystem, yet with a large dose of originality thrown in, funked-up epic electro punk that guarantees to blow the roof off… or post new rave sums it up for us” Doghouse. Indeed it does, but because the sound is so original unless you have seen them it still does not mean a lot, so we feel the need to take it a step further. You have a real drummer (Filthy) and a laptop (programmed by Johan Flapsandwich) producing gigantic pounding dance rhythms. Then layered over the top you have the manic vocals of the Doghouse himself.

The live show is something else, a carnival of chaos with bizarre masked dancers and surreal videos. The set would not be complete without P&O providing stunning tailor made visuals, and of course Scottish Alan, their very own Bez. (copyright Peppermint Iguana)

Fat new sicknote track spreading round the web like a custard bomb, Death Before Employment.
look out for the KEITH REMIX of Freelance Opportunist too.


Death Before Employment by Sicknote
Sicknote OWN Bristol Festival!


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