Gary Vaynerchuk features on my new Flapsandwich track!

i been werking hard on the debut album, now im fucked and i take a break. i go and throw crusty loaves at duck.
i plan to release the album on 29th February 2009.
it will be called ‘Praise The Lard!’
I hope it will be banging and scare the shit out of Fake Blood.

here is my first finished song from the album?
a little teaser for you. it features the Gary Vaynerchuk from the US of A . he is like an over excited business guru who likes to shout and scream, i like him , so i took his wise werds and they now helped me form the song that is here for FREE:

Flapsandwich vs Vaynerchuk – DO WHAT YOU LOVe

it is a outrage against people who do shit they hate, …and it hurts.

i played it a lot, now i hate it… but it has been picked up by many radio stations already and i only finished it last night.! the power of social netwerking meh! i hope you like this…
it is a big headache unless you take really strong drugs.


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