Been sorting out Flat Nine Studios… really starting to take shape…
Thrown loadsa stuff away.. being ruthless…
Copying all my CDs to itunes ready to sell em all… the CD is DEAD!!!!!
Piling up the vinyl i aint playing and getting ready to Ebay it all…
Keeping all the classics obviously!!!!
Gonna have a painting party next week to get it sorted and keep one wall as a graffiti wall for visitors to the studio..meheh.

Got hold of a working copy of Sicknote live at The Red Stripe Music Awards in Barfly Cardiff last Friday and it’s sounding fat…
look out for free downloads of ‘Death Before Employment’ and ‘Pikey Drum&Bass’ tomorrow, you lucky people!
Here’s some footage i found of the gig:

Check Sicknote in London this weekend.

Ste took care of meeting regarding the launch of SubLive, i’ll update you tomorrow on the results of that.

Finally posted all the Tantrum orders, so hopefully i’ll stop pissing off our punters now!!! Need someone to run the merch for us, For Fuck Sake!!!!

Been thinking about pulling together a tour strategy…
found a book called TOUR:SMART that looks fucking ace, i’ll probably buy that and pull together the masterplan.
Maybe get a Tantrum Records tour going…
so many ideas.. so little time!!!


For now i must concentrate on getting this club RAMMED on Sunday.


any ideas??????
i need to drag out hundreds of people on a Sunday night….


now with easygroove (yeh i need to do a new flyer).


Free MP3s helping the word spread? 1st results...
Marketing 'Hope'?


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