1. Dreamt of the murder again…but this time i found a ring… then the body was found.
2. Cycled to hospital. and saw the window where it all happened in 2000.
3. Glided around my old haunt, and saw the places where just memories exist.
4. The burned down house and the body in the rug in the burning car.
5. Down the Taff trail and around the music college.
6. Hid from old friends who wanted to see me.
7. midnight, exactly one year to the day, i get dumped by Bronwen.
8. I text Nikki explainin about my dream and she says as she gets the text a film comes on the TV that she watched in hospital in 2000.
9. I cycle to my mothers house and when i arrive, Mine and Nikki’s song is on the TV, first time i have heard it in years.
10.I feel exhausted and I cant explain this weekend.

But i feel a certain closure… and i think the past might be now shifted behind me.
But in the dream, they have found the body… does that mean that i know have to pay for what i have done… or does it now mean that i am free of worry?

I am struggling to make sense of this weekend.

the end.
The TANTRUM remix LAB vol.1


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