interesting reply to yesterdays post from Angry Man, explaining how the entire Free Party scene inspired a generation.
Good observation, and well put over about how this lead to people buying records, decks, vans, soundsystems, etc etc. and so then leading to business.

check out the Rave timeline.

Check back everyday and spread the word as each day i will post something interesting about the party scene / free mp3 / rant / headfuck episode / link to something interesting…
all im trying to do is offer some alternative to the standard music blogs out there that all talk about the business end of the music industry, i believe the money will come when everything is ‘right’. and what i am doing here is working out how to get it ‘right’, and operate as we should in this current time.

first things first is getting the website right. and that needs a LOT of work. so im meeting the web designer today, and am hoping for a complete overhaul on the website by Friday.

We’ll see what happens!


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