and so saturn has come back into play…

its a weird one saturn, it’s like everythings going wrong, but if you can keep your head above water, and find enough space you can see that it’s just things readjusting to enable you to take things to the next level.

ok, my laptop is dead. and ive had to cancel our first ever gig. and then my phone died. and ive got the debt collectors saying they are taking me to court, and ive got a stupidly horrific council tax bill, and ive got to somehow fill the coal ex on the 15th AND 16th september AND the q bar the week before… and come up with ideas tht will enable us to kick off QBAR thursdays in style… im knackered. drained. in need of a holiday.


since i have no contact with the outside world, i have been sorting through my flat as MAJA IS MOVING OUT!!! and ive got my pad back!!!!! dont mean to be rude, she is a star, a butey of a bird, but i just hate living with anyone. I NEED MY OWN SPACE, and now its coming back to me, AND RELAX!

maja seems really confident and happy at mo, probly excited about starting college and getting he own pad, and all that stuff, she sed she met sum spanish bloke at the airport on the way to swizzerland in the delays at the airport. and then said she shared a hotel with a swiss couple. i hope this is true, im a bit paranoid,.. as she seems different to usual. but fuck it. no point in losing the head now is it. ive done that throughout my 20s with nikki g and i aint NEVER GOING BACK!!!

so, if summink dodgy is happnin, so be it, i just move on. im probly just being a freak tho.

anyways, having a cunt of a week so far, but i know my saturn bullshit is coming to an end, and things are gonna be looking up very soon. i know it.

just gonna keep sorting my room out, and my paperwork and organising things as its keeping me sane in this FUCKED UP TRANSIT!

glad of a weekend off from sicknote. think i needed it.


its just the universe making things ready and right for everything to move forward.
The Writings of Manky Pasty: Coal Exchange Farewell Party 15/09/2007


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