Whats your thoughts on giving away your precious music for FREE?!

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so the Cosmo remix i dun has gone mental!!!!!
spreadin all over the werld, looking good.

so, im trying a week of giving sicknote tracks away on last.fm and we’ll see what it does for us….
after ive been reading lots of articles on Giving Music away, it seems to make a lot of sense.
I mean, when was the first piece of music Sold?
How? To who?
I mean recorded music is a fairly new concept in itself i think.
and everyone in the music industry is talking SHIT at the moment…
discussing how to MONETIZE, the buzz word MONETIZE,…. FUCk Off.
Its about the art.. and the bottom line is some people will pay, some wont. END OF.

so my plan is, what im gunna try… is offering the entire back catalogue for free…
this i hope will….
Spread sicknote like a fucking virus, and remove all blocks to people listening or sharing our music.
what i will also do is offer a DONATE button on our website, for anyone who wants to chuck a bit of cash our way to help us carry on.
Once we have recorded a track, that is one ‘take’ of a piece of music we created at one point.
How we can expect hen to charge and keep charging for everyone who listens or owns that music is silly, i mean owning a recording – the concept in itself, if you remove the last 100 years programming is ridiculous.
Music is there. it exists. you cant OWN it. it should be given, copied, shared, played and bellowed out!
It’s a tool to bring attention to an artist.

Then where the artist stands to make money is in what they ‘do’.
So a recording is a promo tool, that an artist makes then lets spread, to bring awareness to them.
Then if their art is good, and it touched people, then they will be in demand… this is where they can make money, as people will pay to see them perform, pay to own physical products made by the artist, or even donate money to help the artist carry on in their work.

So, we give it away. We tell everyone, its Free!!!
But, also! the mp3s will be for sale on itunes, for people who are used to that and WANT to pay for our tracks.
And finally we will have box sets, special editions, vinyl and merchandise, Tees, Bowlers, Noses, kilts, 7″s, stickers, badges, books, photo albums, dvds for Sale… for people who want more than a MP3 and they want to own a souvenir of our work.
And then we hope to receive bookings for gigs that will far outweigh any money we may have made on a few downloads to a few people who were lucky enough to stumble across us and part with their cash…

This is removing all blocks to enable the music to go viral,…
If the music is good enough it will spread….
and money wont be in the way to stop it…
and as the followers increase
as does the DEMAND

and isnt business ALL ABOUT supply and demand?

Rant Over

more info to follow….

leading the way in the future of the music industry
Tantrum Records


Free helps you grow....




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