Small festival organiser and farmer, Andy Norman is skint, Thimbleberry June is cancelled and hes up in court next month facing ridiculous charges, outlined here:

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Yes, the police took money from the gate at last years Thimbleberry Festival..

we have remixed and re-released the classic Phone In Sick to celebrate Phone In Sick Day next week, and are donating every penny to Andy Norman and Thimbleberry Music Festival

help us get back the money they stole from Andy by buying the single and we will keep you updated how much we have raised for him…

The single is released today, MONDAY 11th JANUARY 2010!!!!!!!!!!!
show your support people, and give us 0.79p and youll be helping andy out and you;ll be getting brand new sicknote song!!! EVERYONES A WINNER…

go get it NOW from…




we will not get sales report for a over 4 weeks….. but we have set up link counter on the above links so will let you know what they are as we progress… hopefully thats an indication to how much we have raised! please invite your friends to this event and help us support small festivals and underground music and the efforts of the crazy farmer, Andy Norman. Thanks

5 reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT COME to the PHONE IN SICK party:
phone in sick for the mad farmer


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