so Sub29 is up and running. 3rd night in was Howard Marks, last night.

We slapped the venue together in 45 minutes before doors opened. The soundsystem was farting. the projector was broke. The heating was broke. we were late opening. The ticket list was over half an hour late turning up. People were walking into a freezing cold room with all lights up and people up laddeers and arsing about. The changing room was locked and no one could open it. There was no rider. Jonny was locked out in the cold for half an hour. The banner was missing form outfront so noone knew where sub29 was. The indoor banner was chucked up over the jonglers sign. Half the beers had run out and the coke was flat. Oh and the venue was freeeezing.

Good Start.

One thing i know to be true is that the best marketing trick you can ever do is baking it into your product.

We can poster and flyer cardiff for 10 months before an event, but the key to marketing succesfully is blowing away the people in the venue on the night so they go away and talk about you.

Its all about the experience.

So, got some work to do methinks.

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