woke up with paul (peach) ringing me saying the flyers were going to print for my 30th birthday bash..
gonna be tidy i reckon:

bit of a minging hangover… but that soon passed as i lay cwtched up to maja thinking how nice it is to have FUCK ALL to do!

well, there’s lots to do. but fuck it, im having some chill time.

gonna watch the BORAT i reckon today after a fat brekky…

also planned to meet my LILLETH tonight, Nikki G – my ex, we aint seen each other in ages, but she’s the closest i’ve ever been to another human. she fucked me up a few years ago and ive only just got over it…

Also had invite from Kath Click for an Italian for her birthday, which i should go to.

but all i wanna do is go to cinema, then eat, then bath, then switch off and do fuck all. Got a big gig tomorrow in CLWB,,,

Pick Ya Lip Up


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