ok. its tuesday. november the summink.
im 30 in a few weeks. fucking 30. sheeeeeeeee-ite muslim.

im old.

i feel like i did when i was 19.
just fatter and hairier.

tonight i have a night on in callaghans in cardiff.
me and my flat mate matt (aka dj tommy tank) run a weekly night called MOiST?
its a VJ / DJ affair, thats really interesting, but a bit up and down.
its in its 5th week.
Last week we had a special with Sicknote
(my band) and we brought a band over from Germany called Warren Suicide.
It was Halloween and the place was rammed.
everone dressed up and everyone had a top night…

Im feeling run down, tired, and generally munting at the mo.

there’s been a lot of troubles within the band lately that have left me in a delapidated state.
and the mountain of mdma i boshed on saturday probably didnt help either….

im off to wash, and matts just given me one of his special coffees so that should kick in soon and off we go, vinyl in hand to entertain the punters of cardiff.

its tuesday for fucks sake! does anyone want to be entertained? i dont. nor do i want to entertain…

a few guinesses and im sure ill perk up… get into the tunes…

i’ll let you know how it went…

HELLO and welcome to my stupid arsed blog


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