So the phone in sick party went off with a bang!!!
So good in fact, that some woman told us that she had an orgasm during the Sicknote set!!!! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, Everyone completely TWATTED on a Sunday night…
PERFECT. Check out the Rev’s photos that nicely capture the madness.

dunno what im writing about here… just let it come out…
Fuck nose why, just feel i need to purge myself of some bad shit… im all ate up and disconnected from myself… so what better reason to have a RANT..
what will it be, let me think…………um….

so here we go…..
What is it? Where does it come from? Who decides where it goes? Who is it for?
I do not know the answers to these questions.
I do, however, have some strong opinions on all the funded BOLLOCKS in south wales,
i’ll save my rants for another time… and i think i’ll expose a few BLAGGIN cunts while im at it… so look out you money grabbing selfsish CUNTS;./…. you know who you are…! sort it out, put summink back or im telling all! VERY SOON!!!!!!

anyway, NEXT!!!

this decade… what the fuck have i been doing?
Just trying to jog my memory as i think the 90’s fried it:

2000: Moved to Cardiff with Nikki, had bad break up.
2001: Started work for Scoot, squatting in Caerleon, Got caught drink driving, lost job and everything, fucked off abroad and stayed in Europe for 3/4 months. Came back and crashed in Nads’ house in Bristol and suffered the biggest mental collapse of my life.
2002: i move to Cardiff in January. Stay with Nikki’s parents initially and get into Foyer housing project later in the year. Have a massive operation on my jaw which effects me for years to come. Start relationship back up with Nikki which breaks down in November, when i start seeing Sara and move to Splott.
2003: Off to Africa for 10 weeks. Back, breakdown and off on another mission to Europe, Nicole comes back to live with me. Volunteer for fairbridge. Meet Iola and move to Ruby Street.
2004: Iola doesnt work out and im gutted. Running nights and DJing for Club Love. Walk the Camino de Santiago. Pissing it up. Getting well into making tunes.
2005: I meet Doghouse early this year and sicknote is born. Throw party called THe Crystal Ship in London. Move to Tantrum Towers in November.
2006: Cosmo and Tommy move in. I meet Maja.
2007: Meet Steve and we throw the humongous Blowout Festival. We run the Tantrum Allnighter which people love.
2008: Relationship breaks down with Maja. Sicknote have an amazing summer. Lost a lot of money promoting and trying to kick things off in various formats.
2009: Sicknote become the biggest band in the UK and the debut album goes fucking massive. Tantrum Records becomes the talk of the music industry with it’s farout ideas and forward thinking attitude.. always putting the punter first and profit last. Captures the nation. SubLive launches 5 successful venues in 1 year.

so we discover that the CD is DEAD…
and that the industry are scratching around trying to monetize the listening of music…
So we have a plan….

THE DEMONETIZING of the music industry….
TANTRUM are at the forefront of this shit… look for more in depth posts about this and the launch of our lovely new website VERY soon!

Tantrum DJ Declared Dead...




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