im fucking pissed off. my room is a fucking tip, and im on the verge of bankrupsy. i need cash. ive had a poxy rediculopus income for 5 years now, after giving up my well paid job to get into what i loved – music.
but im so skint its doing me in… my debts are over 11 grand and alls on top as fuck at mo…

didnt watch borat yesterday, ended up looking into my finances and getting really depressed. ended up arguing with maja, she left all upset and then she come back and we watched Shaun of the Dead. and Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind… WHAT A FUCKING FILM…..

I think the mdma has sapped me of all my seratonin, i feel sad.

Gonna tidy my room, bath, goto charity shop and get some weird clothes for tonight, and then sort some new tunes on my laptop for tonight,,, just to inject some excitement back into this project – all the excitement that nick and alka have sucked out of it, by being childish cunts.

Im feeling like shit today. think i need something. not sure what. a kick up the arse?

belgium chocalte, madamoiselle?


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