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✞ Vinyl Release
✞ How to own a limited edition vinyl pack

There were 48 amazing remixes submitted for the recent competition and choosing a winner was VERY difficult……. but, as announced on The Sandwich Show the winner of the Benefit Cheat remix competition was Charlie Beercunt with his excellent Hardcore Breaks remix which sampled the government’s Clamping down on Benefit Thieves Advert… genius work and an absolutely banging remix….

so on the 1st April 2011 we are throwing a party in Birmingham to celebrate the release of ‘BENEFIT CHEAT’ on vinyl……..
click here for full info on the party.

the Vinyl release is a limited edition (500 copies only) and makes up a triple pack….

you can order single vinyls for £7.50(+p&p) each.
or the triple pack for £18.50(+p&p)

here is a break down of what is on each vinyl….

Benefit Cheat
a1. Benefit Cheat
b1. Benefit Cheat (Charlie Beercunt Remix)
b2. Brand Man

The Holy Trinity EP
a1. The Resurrection
b1. Sermon on the Mount
b2. I Want Your Soul

Death Before Employment
a1. Death Before Employment
b1. Death Before Employment (Little Eris Remix)
b2. Just Business

you can pre-order the triple pack before the 1st April for special early bird price of just £15(+p&p)
don’t miss out on this limited edition collectors item… only 500 in existence and they are already shifting fast…..
go visit the shop now!!!

keep it sick and catch you soon.

Gaddafi, Calm Down...
Tantrum TV (april 2011)


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