So, how did it get this bad?

Rent day was 3 weeks ago. and theres another in a week. Council Tax is 500 in arrears. i’m 16k in debt.
Is it the recession? Or is it that i havent hussled enough? Is it that i’m living in cloud fucking coocoo land?

This winter we have pulled together the remix lab, improved my produciton skills, tommy’s learned mastering, we’ve collated loads of free music on the tantrum site, made progress on launching some of the sub venues, thrown the phone in sick party, played some gigs, wrote loads of new songs, converted the room into full on recording space, ignored phone, pulled together tantrum records bash for next week, paid our ghraphic design man, sold shit on ebay, and launched the tantrum twitterverse.

This is not enough to pay my way. Simple as. I need CASH now. otherwise its all going to go tits up.

HOW am i going to do this? 

1. Sell all vinyl (i mean wahts the point now? with Ableton!)
2. Sell Decks
3. Pass ‘I Want Your Soul’ onto the licensing people
4. Get Premium products on sale as part of Freemium?
5. sell vaynerchuk track?
6. Join PRS
7. Ask people to support what i’m doing & click the DONATE button over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>
8. Ask for ideas from the tribe

Please leave your thoughts or ideas below.

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Why did The Point go bust?


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