The score is we need some one who understands our sound, and understands how BANGING we need to sound, and who can connect with us on stage and communicate with us so that we can achieve a perfect on stage sound… we also need some one who can fully take the desk on, so there would be no need for inhouse engineers, so to have the confidence to take over.
And the bollocks to tell any interfering people to piss off.

Also, it would require hardcore journeys with the band, unless you chose to drive yourself, but would probably make more sence $ wise to travel together… but the gigs are often, miles away, hectic, drug infused and beer swilling extended holidays ( )

At the mo, we travel in a old post van together.. but we are currently looking to upgrade our vehicle.

The main thing we need is someone who cares about delivering sicknote a massive sound at every show…
after 3 recemt gigs being a complete disaster due to us relying on inhouse engineers who 1. dont care and 2. dont understand.

In return for all this we ask you to name your price per gig, bearing in mind the band is Skint and gig fees vary massively at the mo!!!

email if you are interested.

Back in the big schmoke
for fuck sake.




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