So we managed to score the Super Furry Animals gig for Sub29 which has now turned into 3 gigs! 2 of which have sold out already and 1 goes on sale today.

Bank holiday weekend we got Sub29 up for grabs,,, ive pulled together VESTIVAL for the sunday, with the help of of a few mates, and not too sure what to do on the fri/sat asit is available and we may as well use it, but cant find anyone who would have the bollocks to throw a party in a 700 capacity venue with 1 weeks notice.

Sicknotes live album has taken a lot longer than we had hoped, still not quite right with the mastering, and the art work we are doing today , which involves me going to the market in a minute to buy a pigs head, and carrying it across town to Paul Peachs place for us to photograph. The inside cover will have the photos of all the fans that sent in their pictures. In the booklet we are using medical illustrations dotted between write ups of the gigs.

Feeling knackered, but got to sort the pig head out now.and then off to Newport to jam with our new drummer, or stand in drummer, as Filth cant make the glasto gig on the 22nd. Maybe back to Rev Phil Dreads and Flakeys then as they having a gathering… but not sure about that yet!


How To Pull a Fat Bloke with a Colostomy Bag


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