Wez G (Wesley Gerrard) head honcho of Shuffle Promotions and house music DJ, due to play at The Phone in Sick Party on Sunday has been declared dead.

Wez phoned his doctors yesterday morning to pop down for a check up for a dodgy chest he was suffering from, after too many rollies and not enough excercise.

The receptionist said “I’m afraid you are not registered with us.”
Wez explained that he had been registered at the surgery all of his life. But he was told he couldn’t have an appointment as he was definitely not on the computer.
After much quibbling the receptionist said that she would look into it and get back to him.

Wez was baffled and in a great deal of pain…and unsure what to do.

Later that day a doctor phoned Wez and said,
“You are no longer registered at this surgery as you were declared dead on December 17th”

To which Wez replied, “I assure you I am alive!”

The police are at Wez’s as we speak, and he is offering them proof that he is in fact alive and well.!!!!

So, come and see the man himself, spinning his tripped out electro house this Sunday with all the rest of the madness that will be going on for the 3rd annual Phone In Sick Party…


and dont forget,
Fuck the boss…
Dr Conker will be filling out official sick notes for everyone on the night.

Marketing 'Hope'?
off the top of me head,....




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