After researching club names for a club i am involved with in Cardiff, Wales UK, we’ve stumbled upon some beauties.

Myself and a few friends set up a group on facebook entitled :

‘The CLUB WITH NO NAME!!!! -Cardiff’s dirtiest underground music venue’

and within the group we suggested that people post their suggestions for the club name on the wall.
this was great in helping us bring attention to the club and also to help us get some ideas for naming the place!

Here’s the 10 Worst names we have come across, all are genuine suggestions:

10. The Abattoir
9. Alf Ramsey’s Porn Dungeon
8. The Naked Neil
7. The Cock and Wallop
6. Bar Nun
5. Le Bolloque
4. Auswitz
3. Parsnips
2. Bar 5154841246878431284
1. The Swan and Paedo

Naturally, we have stuck with ‘The Club With No Name’, until some better suggestions come our way!
Here We ARE on facebook!

digg story

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