i weren’t gunna do it, but then everybody was doing it, so i thought i’d bang one out, so here it is:

1. i am a fucking confused human that does not understand itself 1 bit.
2. i started DJing when i was 12.
3. i grew up in Brynmawr.
4. patriotism bores me.
5. i used to be a salesman, earned a wedge, and had a company car.
6. i got deported from turkey in 2003.
7. i walked across spain to sort my head out in 2004.
8. i have had no income for several years now.
9. i live with Cosmo, Tommy Tank and Gustav the cat.
10. i have delusions of grandeur, and am a complete megalomaniac.
11. i suffer from nostalgia and miss everyone and everything that has passed.
12. my twin died at birth.
13. i am quite shy but feel better when hiding under my ridiculous fringe.
14. i love playing live with my band more than anything else.
15. i often jump into situations i later regret.
16. when i was a kid i wanted to be a burgler when i grew up.
17. i once spent 3 months in Africa helping a poor community.
18. i disagree with medication for problems of the mind.
19. i shat myself on ketamine at glastonbury once.
20. i have loads of people offering help for tantrum, and i find it impossible to delegate.
21. i am completely obsessive in every sense of the word.
22. i need to be left alone a lot to achieve equilibrium (or summink).
23. i have a problem with anyone who receives funding and does not affect people’s lives in a positive way.
24. i am a complete and utter skeptic, but total full-on optimist.
25. i have a recurrent murder dream, that makes no sense to me, scares the shit out of me, but i get a kick out of it.

Tears For Fears - Mad World


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