Ok, so i fucked up and ended up in the K Hole last night.

On a ‘holiday’ to Bristol i got completely fucking munted and dragged myself through the horrific experience of the K-Hole once again.

There are no words to describe this. It’s like a journey to Hell and Back, and you have no control. It’s frightening.

Today i feel weak and drained of all previous feelings.

Which in a way, is maybe what i needed.

I needed a fresh start. I do feel like i’ve cleansed myself of many things.

In my trip i experienced the Re-occuring dream of the ‘secret of the murder’, which i still cannot put my finger on what its all about.

Ive been getting this dream re-occurring in many different forms for a few years now.

Someone has been killed. I know where the body is and all the details, but i’m keeping it all secret. That’s it.

I need to get to the bottom of it. I do not know why i keep dreamin this.

So, anyway i was dragged to Hell last night. And Back. I feel reborn.

I wanna talk about my money situation here, its a right mess but i’ll share it with you tomorrow.


Secrets of success: Passion, persistence, pushy mothers
what g'wan?


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