In 1999 i made my first proper song. On my 303 which was birthday present in November 1999 from Nikki G.
now 10 years have passed.
But have i done my 10,000 hours ?
How would i work that out?
I’ve been all over the shop, so probably not…
but i’ll try:

1988-1993 (school years)
Fannied about on piano at home and messed about on spectrum 8 bit music software
Hard to work out… but probably worked out to 200 hours in total???

1994-1999 (the lost years)

1999-2000 (with nikki g)
probably spent a total of 100 hours messing about on the 303.

2000-2001 (lost)
November 2001, made first track on computer in bristol
probably spent 100 hours on the computer at this time…

2002 -2005 (splott days)
must have put in an average of about 4 hours a day:
=4000 hours approx

2006-2009 (tantrum towers days)
possibly averaged 1 hour per day i reckon
=1000 hours approx

TOTAL number of hours put into production = 5400

Shit. only half way!!!!!!

What the hell is the RED FIST with TWO THUMBS?
The Best Song Intro Of All Time?




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