so last.fm seems to be pretty busy, much more busy than the Ghost Town that is Myspace!!!
So we’ve started a Tantrum Records page.

It’s crucial to have a presence on all the new trendy music websites then the key is integrating them as much as possible. Which I’m currently learning. So, when Doghouse sends a text smashed out of his head on Skunk in a squat in Holland (yesterday), It updates his facebook status, sicknote Twitter, sicknote Myspace and sicknote Last.Fm page. So the lead singer of sicknote is slowly building curious followers, and they get updated about his actions at least once a day. And they feel part of the movement.

The key to really flying forward is to then put all your time and energy into ONE of the many platforms, and ensure that your fans are there, Facebook seems to be the most popular place fans might hang out, then updating with interesting and exciting news to people who have given you their permission to Connect with them.

Here is an article on how an unknown band went from nothing to selling 1,000 singles a week on itunes. Im not sure i agree with all the random messaging, but it certainly has some interesting tips.

BACK TO BED!!! Fuck This.

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Red Stripe Music Awards TONIGHT!!!




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