Malcolm Galdwell (or is it Gladwell?) wrote in his recent book ‘Outliers’ that we must put 10,000 hours into our chosen profession in order to master it.
Seth Godin said before Malcolm that it takes 10 years. Which is probably about the same.

The great example in Outliers is The Beatles, who when leaving for Germany were a fairly shit band, according to one source, and upon returning were world class.
This was largely down to the amount of time they spent performing live on stage, doing 7 hours every night as the house band in a strip club or something, in Hamburg and after a ridiculous amount of gigs spent performing and jamming and practicing and pleasing crowds they became world famous and are still the most loved band of all time.

With so many distractions and so many of us trying to do so much it’s hard to focus in on one thing and give it the time it needs in order for us to master it.
Simplifying what we do and tearing back the layers until we find our true core desire enables us to decide what one thing we should be building up the hours on, and without distraction and with complete demented obsessiveness we can realise our most far-out and completely ridiculous dreams.

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