well it was easy lemme break it down:
1. Doghouse and Flapsandwich got to know each other during a long visit to Whitchurch Psychiatric hospital in 2005, it was here that the masterplan was hatched.
2. one night whilst partying at Netties legendary Fancy Dress Shop in Splott, they carefully picked the freakiest freaks of all the freaks that were there that night and formed the band ‘Vitreous Humour’
3. After playing a few gigs without discussing what the hell they were gunna do, they changed their name live on stage at Cardiff Ice Rink, after realising that not even themselves could remember their name. Sicknote was born.
4. after refusing to rehearse and making ‘In the moment’ their stage ethos, and ‘If you make a mistake, repeat it’ they somehow fused hedonism punk and rave like it was always meant to be. the band busted some gigs in their home town and a boat party for Blair in London, which was covered by BBC news.
5. The Festival circuit was destroyed over the next few summers.
6. more freaks joined the exciting movement. attracted by the freaks on stage, who always encouraged the freaks to be part of the show,.. blurring the boudaries between band and audience and almost making the crowd more important than the band itself.
7. the freaks danced and rejoiced in the streets and in the fields.
8. the freaks wore the symbols with pride
9. the freaks said :FUCK WORk: there’s more to life than being a slave
10. the freaks told their friends.
11. the world got sick.

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