So, skint as fuck.
NOWT! nothing….. the joys of existing as an artist? Am i an artist? no, i dont think i am. i am some one who likes to express my feelings but then doesnt everyone do that in one way or another? Just because my expressions are recorded does that make me an artisit? is that the definition of an artist? Fucknose… id rather see myself as a unique being, i dont want to belong. Just be, as i am, 100% integrity intact, knowing i am true as i can be to myself.

Unable to pay the banks for my loans, and unable to buy goods to live this week has backed me into a corner and made good time for thinking…

Ignoring pretty much everyone who has contacted me, and shaking off the last of my swine flu, i kicked back and thought things through….. 1stly, how the fuck am i going to pay for my home after my flat mates leave in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, Dickie Balboa popped in really late last night and we talked for hours, a real friend, whos company i can say is a total pleasure, no pressure, no guilt trips, no gossip, no energy sapping.
Chilled out, on the ball, deep, caring, fucked up, experienced, creative, poor, adventurous and just fuckin funny.

The conversation turned to art, as he has recently sold his second ever painting, and had three abstract pieces selected for Rhondda Heritage Museum art competition.

He talked of JM Turner, who in the 19th century at a ripe old age, strapped himself to the front of a massive ship and was sailed head on into a blizzard…. and after being cut lose, and revived, immediately painted the classic SNOW STORM, below:

click to enlarge

Leafing through a book on innocent, in a shop earlier that day i picked up a couple of gems, about involving your audience and how 4 sticks of chewing gums were posted to everyone in the phone book and they still own the market 100 years on…
and coupled with Balbs rantings, just wanted to note down:




after balb left i was surfing the web, and discovered an amazing film director called Jiri Barta. Dark as fuck. Love it! Stayed up for hours and put together a little video with his footage cut to Sicknote live track Shakin, which is from the album Epidemic:

Sicknote – Shakin’


La Roux’s Flaps
Requiem For A Dream




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