Here is a Sicknote track that has never been performed live, never given any promo and is a sort of beast within it’s on right.
This is the song which P&O managed to delete all the files for, causing me to almost toss him and his lap top into the river Taff.
It took ages to form and work and rework, and we were never sure of the end result, but after listening with Doghouse last night, we decided to push it out there, and the reaction has been cool. It features Doghouse’s 5 year old daughter (pictured) on backing vocals and sounds like nowt else out there, of that we are sure. So here is your free download:

Sicknote – I Want Your Soul

Or support us and go buy The Holy Trinity EP here or grab yourself a copy of the track from itunes.


Death Before Employment
Tears For Fears - Mad World


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