What have WE got in Store for you!?!?!?!

1st up we have managed to get round the copyright problems we had on LAST.FM with DJ TOMMY TANK and we have his DEBUT album up for grabs TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!!! i know a lot of people have been waiting for this butey and i can assure you its a stonker featuring The Specials, Sicknote, Duffy, Madonna, Lipps Inc., The Beat, Ray Charles and LOADS more…
check out our TWITTER update for links to the album for COMPLETELY FREE at midnight tonight!

The Little Eris debut album, ‘Conception’ will be up for grabs next week, slightly delayed due to some last minute changes to one of the finest solo debut albums i’ve heard since Bjork’s ‘Debut’. More info to follow (and look out for the immense ‘Ice Power’ now added to the album).

This week’s FREE download from the Remix Lab was a tasty remix of Tittsworth’s ‘WTF’ by Berlin electro stomper DJ Wool… WE LOVE IT!

Tittsworth – WTF (DJ Wool Remix)

every week we will ask people on Twitter what track they want us to send into the LAB for us to operate on… we select the most requested that day, and we have 12hours to Remix it. After 12 hours we have to upload the track no matter what state it is in!!!

This week i started and the most requested was ‘FUNKY TOWN’ by Lipps Inc.

After much sampling and choppin and fucking about I found myself strugglin to do anything tasty with the vocal… beggin the punters to send me accapella, but to no avail…. at that moment Doghouse turned up and i got him to quickly squawk the lyrics down a USB mic i had lying around… transforming my remix into what is now a Sicknote cover(!) I got the track up smack on 12hours after starting and although it’s an almighty mess and needs a lot of work to be anywhere near worthy of a release, the reaction was massive!!! Receiving hundreds of downloads and creating a hellova buzzzz in just a few hours.
Tommy decided to join in on the challenge and mashed up the original with The Special’s ‘Ghost Town’ to weird trippy but blissful effect!!! he did cheat a bit by taking longer than 12 hours… and posing with his mastering and graphic design the finished product is damn fine… BUT next week i will be ensuring TWELVE HOURS will be all he gets!!!!!!!!!

Sicknote – Funky Town
DJ Tommy Tank – Funky Ghost Town

HERE is my new fanpage on facebook, check out those damn fine photos of moi, and this is the place to get all the exclusive remixes i do and some naughty secret tracks and some oldies from the vault. 😉

FINALLY – we have had literally hundreds of emails from SickHeadz since the Summer beggin for ‘Pikey Drum’n’Bass’ -only ever played live… well, we have put out a LIVE version from The Red Stripe Awards at Barfly a few weeks back which will appear on ‘Epidemic’ later in the Spring.

Sicknote – ‘Pikey D&B’ (live at Barfly)

My First Memory


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