OK, so I have started uploading the archive to our brand new TANTRUM RECORDS soundcloud account today and you can find various albums in the tabs at the top there ^ nice.
A lot of it is free download, or if not we have added ‘buy’ links so you can purchase the music and support the artists.
So far we have Foggerton, Sicknote, The Remix Lab volumes 1-3 and the first label compilation we released a while back called Covert Subvert which includes Cakehole Presley, Ninjah, The Physicists, Little Eris, Whistling Biscuits and loads more .

It’s all coming together, as soon as the entire archives are uplaoded and live we will be looking at Covert Subvert vol 2 and completing volume three of the remix lab….

in the meantime if you would like to send us music for us to check out,
we listen to everything:

Send us your sounds

Speak soon.

Club Neurotica 2010 / 2011 NYE
Mass Data-Loss, The Tantrum Dance and a Breakfast Fit for a Dog.....


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