So, the album’s landed and here’s the first video, including the cops busting us, on the magic roundabout in Splott (warning contains footage of a stray dildo on the loose): to own the full album ‘Fuckbuddies’, which includes ON THE GOULASH, and NINE other techno folk tunes (all the rest are in English)… donate anything from 1p to £1million (go on) and you will receive a download of the album in your email TODAY! thank you…. click: heres the new single CHEAP BACCY:

      So we released the album in December on pay what you want. The average price paid for each download was £9. The lowest was 1p and the highest £42.Thanks to everyone who has donated to the pot, we hope you enjoyed it! We are now experimenting with our new idea ‘PLAY IT FORWARD’. Here is how it works.   Donate anything from 1p – £1million. Just chuck us a few quid……   YOU WILL GET: DOWNLOAD of the album will be with you within 24 hours. You will also receive a package in the post in the next few weeks which will include: the Album on CD for you (in flat packed cover with plastic sleeve) 2 hand burned CDs to give away to your friends 2 album download codes to give away to friends the idea is that our fans – YOU LOT! not many of you so far, we are giving you several copies of the album in the hope you will spread it amongst your friends.  We are trusting you to pay enough that we cover our costs of CD replication and Postage, and each of you will then be armed with in total 6 copies of the album in various formats to share ! As we said, it’s an experiment, and if you have donated already… NO NEED TO DONATE again! we will get a package in the post to you in the next few weeks, with your hard copy 😉 If you havent donated, click the link below, donate something to us, and await your goodies!! This is the PLAY IT FORWARD EXPERIMENT.. our goal is not to make money but to get heard. any feedback welcomed, will update more info very soon….. PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD new video here: THANK YOU.  

Dear Mortal, have a look at this and then read below for album updates! the new album is almost done. just finishing touches and art work being worked on as we speak….. it’s physical release will be Jan 28th 2015….. In the mean time we are offering 50 exclusive promo pre-release downloads in advance!!!!! how much? YOU CHOOSE! basically the 1st 50 people to donate ANYTHING to the clusterfuck POT gets a lovely download link in their box containing 10 juicy tunes and the artwork……. 1month ahead of its physical release….. so press this here button lob a few quid to the clusterfuck boys and await your goodies (DUE FRIDAY EVENING)…. this offer has now expired. wait for the album!   THANK YOU and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! things are about to get dark…..   x      

BRAND NEW FROM clusterfuck download the EP here, pay anything you like / free:

Cameron is back/ for five fucking years. let some anger out. brand new Free EP from Clusterfuck. check out the debut single ‘A.T.O.S.’ here: download the EP here, pay anything you like / free:

slowly uploading the Tantrum Catalogue. There are 7 albums so far, will keep uploading stuff as we get it together. Everything is PAY WHAT EVER YOU LIKE. thats right. if ya skint pay nowt, if you wanna support us and our artists make a donation -whatever you can afford. all of it helps and enables us to keep on, and keep creating amazing new shit for you. THANKS FOR STICKING WITH US . Lots of exciting new music on the way soon……… VERY SOON.

here is a little free remix for you, of the amazing Sleaford Mods. touching a thousand plays over the weekend. happnin>>>> download the tune free here.

brand new: debut 5 track EP from Lost Radikals. Melancholic / Ambient / Electronic feat various female vocalists. We hope you enjoy it. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. Pay What You Like Download HERE.

our channel hit ONE MILLION hits last week…. thanks for watching and sharing over the years. We shall continue! check out loads of new stuff here, and dont forget to subscribe! nice one

DO YOU LIKE IT RAW STYLEE? Here is the REMIX COMPETITION for NINJAH‘s latest single RAW, CUT OFF DATE for all remixes is now January 11th 2014… DOWNLOAD THE STEMS HERE. THE SONG IS 109 BPM….. The most inventive and banging remix will win a place on NINJAH’S NEXT RELEASE, a RAW T-SHIRT, A SIGNED NINJAH PHOTO and  other NINJAH goodies… UPLOAD YOUR REMIXES HERE. All remixes must be uploaded there, or they will not be entered into the competition! NINJAH AND TANTRUM RECORDS WILL LISTEN TO EVERY REMIX, A WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED Mid January any questions email

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