Diplo (fomerly Diplodicus) has been upsetting me for a litle while now.

What i don’t understand is how the new album can be causing such a stir… can anybody fill me in?
I have tried, but the VERY title of the fucking thing sets me off. i mean decent work for decent pay?! work and pay? is that how he views his profession. Looking back into the origins of dance music, and the emergence of acid house and club culture, one of the most exciting movements in recent history and here we have this plum, chucking out lame, half-arsed, uninspired remixes of other people’s music and claiming it decent work and sitting back and collecting his decent pay… pffft.

Then i look on Hype Machine and every fucking day he;s up there, getting blogged about and loved and played, i click the PLAY button thinking maybe this one will be a gem, but it’s just always the same…

Sorry Diplo if you’re reading mate, but i need more convincing.

I see the fucking album ads EVERYWHERE! does it need that much pushing onto us? Surely it will be massive without the ads?

Anyways i’ll calm the fuck down, but in homage to Diplo i have retitled my debut album:

Tidy Work for Shit Pay: Selected Works Vol. 1

this will be released as a limited FREE download at a SURPRISE date, you can get yout filthy mitts on a copy by joining the TANTRUM mailing list.

So Diplo, sorry mate, i’ve listened and i’ve tried and i am extremely bored.
If you disagree then please leave me some comments to help convince me otherwsie.. or even better a link to a song that’s ‘DECENT’?


1 Flap out of 10

The Beat - 30th Anniversary
10,001 hours


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