first i have to say im fookin excited to press play on Prodigy’s fifth album…

1st track build up and a robot voice declares ‘We are the Prodigy!’ before a slower version of Pendulum cheese synth bollocks kicks in… pants.
please be better than the last album! i must have listened to Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned about 50 times in 2003, hopin i would just get it, but it never happened, i finally gave in and admitted it was shite.

now on my second listen of Invaders Must Die, and i’m not blown away,.. as i was hoping.. think my hopes were too fucking high.. this band were massive for me in early 90s.

This album sees them copying. Copying their own 90s rave style, but weaker, sampling classics like Outlander’s ‘Vamp’ (love this tune from R&S), True Faith’s ‘Take Me Away’ and I’m sure i heard Guru Josh’s Infinity too…mashing it with Fat Of The Land rawk and cokcney fackin ranting about fack all, and then trying to add some Pendulum stylee to add to it to hopefully bring it all up do date…

I’m not convinced they feelin what they doing… i can’t find the bollocks in it, the soul, it don’t feel like they mean it, like they fucking enjoy it, and they re together as a band.
To me it sounds like a worried Liam Howlett piecing together sounds he thinks the fans will expect of 2009 Prodigy.

It’s not as bad as i’m making out there… there’s some real tough riffs and euphoric breakdowns and it packs a mean punch.. just can’t help feelin Liam looked outside instead of in to churn this out…

But having said that, it’s a fucking damn sight better than their last piece of shit.

7 flaps out of 10

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