so i went to Glo Bar with £1.90 in my pocket. SAD AS FUCK. it was £2 to get in.

I sat at the top of the street, really angry with myself for being so skint.

How come promoters are always seen as loaded, and nice cars and clothes etc.?
But i didn’t even have £2 to get in? I’ve lost fucking thousands this year.

Luckily i bumped into Computer Nick. He got me a pint, and the band on stage were a 3 piece, indie / ska / punk band called The New Delamores.

They were tight as fuck, very fast songs, harmonies and energy! A fat bloke stood next to me and sung his heart out to every word of every song and woooped and applauded like a maniac between each song. They were wicked.

click me!

Nick got me another Grolsch.

Then, Anna came up to say hello. Hello! She is lovely. She’s engaged to marry Pete the Tree. She’s only 24. Very pretty and safe as fuck.

Any way the Dirty Revolution were set up and ready to go.

They waded through their set and sounded a bit loose, but very endearing and engaging.

The vocals sounded a bit loud, and the whole thing just not as one really.

Then they announced a new song and Reb put the guitar down.

She pulled the mic out of the stand and bounced about with confidence.

The new song was something about a Nazi in Blackpool. It was amazing. Real catchy sing along Chorus, big jumpy ska track with creeping basslines. Top quality, i think they have a hit on their hands, I loved it. “I like reggae, I like Ska!”

If i ever get my own record label happning i will release it.


coal exchange footage...




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