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so it’s sunday, and all’s gone quiet.. So, The TANTRUM remix LAB has released the 2009 re-mastered version of PHONE IN SICK with The Flapsandwich ReRub and Tommy Tank Bootleg, they’re here and their sounding Fat and they are free!!!! Sicknote – Phone In Sick (2009 re-mastered studio version) Sicknote – Phone In Sick (Flapsandwich ReRub) Sicknote – Phone In Sick (Tommy Tank Bootleg)Enjoy!!! Monday 26th January is National Phone in Sick Day!

is born,….. 1st REMIX from The TANTRUM remix LAB: 14/12/08RAY CHARLES vs DJ TOMMY TANK – Hit The Remix Jackclick this for your FREE download:YOUR FREE TRACK join the movement and look out for a TASTY elbow remix next Sunday..xx

phils footage of bristol festival – happy dazze.

i know i got shit gramma and loadsa spelling mistakes so theres no need to tell me. i know. but im normally hung over or completely fucking knackered when i write these things… and i just wanna document whats been happnin not be the next fucking keats. so, another weekend of sickness and im completely fucking spannered and feel like i wanna collapse in a heap and be left alone for a month or 3. Friday we went to Monkey…