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that’s a bloody mouthful!!! anyway here are the videos with the MOST VIEWS on our little TV CHANNEL for Tantrum Records 2010… counting down from number 10……… 10. Tianäman – Breathe After years of jamming in the bedroom and screaming their tits off, twatted on whiskey, Tianäman got over their exes, calmed down one night and actually made a song. This was it. Breathe. A fucking anthem. coupled with a fucking amazing video from genious editors ‘Club f00t’ and this…



Death Before Employment live at Sub29 in Cardiff

have you ever handled a severed head???????? so the day had arrived…it was time to design the EPIDEMIC album cover…. we came up with the name about 6 months ago, and now with the swine flu scare we decided we would go with a pig theme… so i went to the smelly market and checked out the various butcher’s stores… groce. i spotted many pig heads, most with the eyes closed…then at one store there was one face down in…

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