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the second tune from OUT OF THE CLOSET (more info soon)….. and its Drum n Bass from 8Hz (feat Jabz) with JUMP JUMP: let us know your thoughts 😉 nice one View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jason of Wales (@flapsandwich) you can download the full song here: https://eighthertz.bandcamp.com/track/jump-jump-feat-mc-jabz

i know i got shit gramma and loadsa spelling mistakes so theres no need to tell me. i know. but im normally hung over or completely fucking knackered when i write these things… and i just wanna document whats been happnin not be the next fucking keats. so, another weekend of sickness and im completely fucking spannered and feel like i wanna collapse in a heap and be left alone for a month or 3. Friday we went to Monkey…

um, good gig!