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the second tune from OUT OF THE CLOSET (more info soon)….. and its Drum n Bass from 8Hz (feat Jabz) with JUMP JUMP: let us know your thoughts 😉 nice one View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jason of Wales (@flapsandwich) you can download the full song here: https://eighthertz.bandcamp.com/track/jump-jump-feat-mc-jabz

so its just come out and it’s tantrum‘s biggest selling album we have put out to date….. if you aint heard it…. the full album is streaming on bandcamp and there we also have the limited edition camel toe t-shirts, cds and downloads. let us know what you think, we’d like to know! comment below or chuck us a message on the facebook.. If you want to review the album or can play / promote it get in touch and…

here is a little free remix for you, of the amazing Sleaford Mods. touching a thousand plays over the weekend. happnin>>>> https://youtu.be/TXrV84twB1k download the tune free here.

so, while chilling with ‘egg for breakfast’ over christmas, he dedicated the massive Phat Planet by Leftfield to me live on his show on Dapper FM. Chuffed i was, so i offered to do a re-rub exclusively for his show… tonight it’s AIRED after 8pm!!! so TUNE THE FUCK IN!!!!! after he’s dropped it a link will appear here for 100 people to donwload it:::: Flappy vs Leftfield – Obese Planet [100 Free Downloads] by FLAPSANDWICH ______________________________________________________ it’s been a…


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