that’s a bloody mouthful!!!
anyway here are the videos with the MOST VIEWS on our little TV CHANNEL for Tantrum Records 2010… counting down from number 10………

10. Tianäman – Breathe

After years of jamming in the bedroom and screaming their tits off, twatted on whiskey, Tianäman got over their exes, calmed down one night and actually made a song. This was it. Breathe. A fucking anthem. coupled with a fucking amazing video from genious editors ‘Club f00t’ and this was a fucking winner in 2010.

9. Benefit Cheat (taster)
A little taster video for the new single ‘Benefit Cheat’ by sicknote set to some of the london riots of winter 2010 whet the appetite of the sickies and was shared all over facebollock. The video was made to promote the new T-shirt and MP3 but became a viral little number within itself. The wages are lousy, but the hours are GREAT!

8. Electric Humans at Arcadia, Glastonbury
Everyone who was at Arcadia in Glastonbury in 2010 shat themselves when these two nutters came out and started firing real fucking bolts of lightning at each other just metres away from the crowd and without any fucking insurance. FUCKING NUTTERS. was quite an amazing sight. Don’t miss this area of Glasto 2011, they are pushing boundaries in every way possible. Fucking Ace!

7. Micky Slim & Nom De Strip vs. Virus Syndicate – Skank Out (flapsandwich re-rub)
A remix competition from Bombsquad Records and Chew The Fat got Flapsandwich a bit excited and so with the stems for Micky Slim’s forthcoming single ‘SKANK OUT‘, he went to work. He come up with this ridiculous tune and banged together a daft video. Competition winner day came, and there was no announcement. We emailed them. no reply. Then the single was never released. No reply. Nothing. FUCK NOSE. Only thing we can think is Flaps scared them by pissing all over the original(!) No idea. If anyone knows the original or can get it please send it over to !

6. Cuntflaps
Carol Vorderman looks quietly chuffed when CUNTFLAPS popped up on the board, Richard Whitely would be turning in his grave if he knew we nicked the whole debacle and used it as an advert for Flappy’s webshite. Keeps getting shit loads of hits this one. probably cos it’s called ‘cuntflaps’.

5. Ninjah – Do The Shaky Hand Man
The Bin Basher and cardiff street celebrity Ninjah got every man questioning their sexuality at the beginning of the year when this video flopped into reality.
It was a tribute to another Cardiff legend, The Shaky Hand Man, who had been squashed by a bus on City Road a few months previously. Also featured lumpy sicknote fingerer, Sparticus and his queer pussy.

4. Doktor Conker exorcism
The mysterious disappearance of Dr Conker in the middle of the festival season left Sicknote a bit lost and confused. Last seen in a drug-addled heap on a pavement near his house with his kilt round his neck, and balls in a twist, the good Doctor has not been to a gig since. Many conspiracy theorists have mused about his whereabouts and thousands of the Doktors fans have been mourning this tragic loss. A video of an exorcism he performed on himself in Glastonbury a few years back became a unsuspecting hit this year.

3. Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen (Leftfield Remix)
Who could possibly make the Sex Pistols work on a dancefloor? Anyone? Pretty fucking unlikely we thought. until this gem from Leftfield popped up, originally released as a B side on the 25th anniversary of the original in 2002, it kind of slipped under the radar, so we uploaded it to youtube it’s back in our lugholes and we just can’t get enough.

2. The Best Cry Ever
Some shit American reality TV show called ‘Intervention’ got crack-head Father and gimpboy Son together for a chat and spawned one of the funniest clips we have ever seen. This cheered us up so much that we uploaded it to the TV channel and play it ever day at Tantrum HQ  -just to get us feeling fucking good for the day.

1. Sicknote – Ring Ya Dad
At Nozstock Festival in the boiling hot summer of 2010 Rev Dread got out his little camera and caught a few shots of some festy munters and some of what seemed to be Doghouse of Sicknote hoovering up the fucking festival site. WTF? Fucknose. Anyway, after the festy we banged together a munter edit, uploaded this little gem and it went a bit fucking viral – making this TANTRUM TV’s most watched video of 2010! We especially love the happy chubby munter at the end.

Happy New Year, have a great 2011!!!!!!!!!!
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