top ten most watched vids from Tantrum this year of weirdness!

ok here is where we are at right now! STUDIO IS CLOSED FOR RECORDING / SESSIONS however we are still offering remix work and producing to order for you creative project. but for the time being we are not recording at Tantrum HQ. please contact us for your requirements T-SHIRT SHOP IS OPEN all our tees are still on sale, with new designs being launched each week at the tantrum clobber site. please allow for covid restrictions when ordering, your order may take longer than usual! we are also still offering design and print for your company / project. contact us for more info. TANTRUM RECORDS IS RELEASING! Tantrum Records is still releasing a new release every single week, bare minimum! Mostly just concentrating on digital releases for the time being. you can keep up date on our releases here or join the mailing list over to your right. TANTRUM VIDEO CHANNEL IS ON HOLD the archive is still viewable at Tantrum TV but we are not producing any new content at the moment. There are some updates on the Cupboard Studio project still available here but no new video productions for outside projects until further notice.

the second tune from OUT OF THE CLOSET (more info soon)….. and its Drum n Bass from 8Hz (feat Jabz) with JUMP JUMP: let us know your thoughts 😉 nice one View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jason of Wales (@flapsandwich) you can download the full song here:

its here ! the lockdown dance is here.. let us know your thoughts.. big shout out to Joe Tracini for his excellent dance video, original can be seen here: full length song is called NEWS FLASH! and the BEF TOE REMIX is included on the download here:

so its just come out and it’s tantrum‘s biggest selling album we have put out to date….. if you aint heard it…. the full album is streaming on bandcamp and there we also have the limited edition camel toe t-shirts, cds and downloads. let us know what you think, we’d like to know! comment below or chuck us a message on the facebook.. If you want to review the album or can play / promote it get in touch and we will sort you out. thanks to everyone who’s got behind the 3rd clusterfuck album.. NICE ONE.  

so we been in touch with Rainbow Maniac to release an old Tantrum remix of one of their singles ‘Tell Me Off’. The single was never released and therefore the remix got shelved a few years back.  We got in touch in the last few days and just so happened to coincide with the band calling it a day and announcing to their fans that they will no longer be together. This band had it. Truly great live! Sad to hear the news. They released an EPIC swan song today…   check it out…  SUNSET:   and also check out the previously unheard flapsandwich remix of ‘Tell Me Off’. also released today.. (free download – just type zero):   to see what happens next with the band memebers follow @conorlatcham on instagram. nice one. 😉    

its the new one from BINGO WINGS…. download it here

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new song from Lost Radikals…..  

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